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Refurbish your valuable fur and leather heirlooms

Are you the proud owner of a fur coat that has been in the family for years? Don't just leave it in the closet, come into Holzman Furs and have it remodeled and redesigned to your liking.


Or what if you've already spruced up that old coat and have some fur left to spare? We can also make purses, headbands, or other fur trimmed accessories to match your new coat.

Milwaukee's finest fur dealer

If you can't fit into that old coat or have an outdated style and don't know what to do with it, count on us to make it look brand new and fashionable. Holzman Furs is a family owned and operated business that has been serving Milwaukee and the surrounding area since 1918. Come see what so many people already know as the Holzman difference.

Other accessories

  • purses

  • headbands

  • rugs

  • blankets

  • and so much more!

Get the best storage for your valuable clothing

Whether you want to redesign your fur coat or buy a new one, Holzman Furs is the place for fur sales, design and storage. Call today or stop by our store.

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the beloved furs you own

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